Cykla Sågverkstrampet

Explore the nature

In Söderhamn you can experience both adventure and tranquility, here are great nature experiences on both sea and land. You are always close to water – whether you want to go out in salt or fresh water or if you prefer to stay on land and enjoy the view. If you want to go out to sea, you can take a trip with the archipelago boat Moa or a water taxi to one of the charming accommodations out in our island rich archipelago. If you are looking for more adventure, rent a kayak and set your sights on the horizon.

In Söderhamn there is a golf course located in beautiful nature on the coast. If you want to go out into nature, there are many nice hiking trails where you decide the distance and the level of difficulty. There you can experience the tranquility of the magical Hälsingland forests up close.


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Explore the archipelago of Söderhamn with baths, speedy boat trips, kayaking adventures and the beach. The archipelago of Söderhamn has over 1200 islands to discover!

Naturreservatet Ålsjön

Discover our nature reserves

These are places with outstanding environments and in many cases with a rich history.
Our landscape, which stretches from the deep forests in the west, to the sea and the archipelago in the east, has a fantastic selection of natural types. Watch birds, exercise, stroll, study rare species or just enjoy the wonderful nature.

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