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Viggen flight simulator

Become a Viggen pilot for an hour! Exciting flight adventure with the flight simulator at the F15 flight museum at Flygstaden. Fly to any place on earth. The flight instructor sits with the entire flight pass and helps so you get the full benefit of the flight.

Share one hour for two people and get two shorter "try on flight passes" of a total of 30 min.

The total flight time, of one hour, includes 8-10 minutes of training to be able to handle the instruments and controls in the cabin. The training is carried out by instructors who in most cases are former pilots who trained air force pilots to fly the AJ37 Viggen.

The popular flight simulator needs to be booked at least a month in advance to ensure your flight times here. If other times are desired, contact Flygmuseet to switch to other available times.

Bring the whole family and enter the aviation museum. There is also a mini-simulator for children that does not need to be booked in advance. First to quarter!

Minimum age & length for the simulator: 15 year old & 160 cm. Only one pilot can fit in the cabin. Accompanying people can be spectators and see how the pilot flies. Photography allowed throughout the museum, even in flight.

NOTE! For simulator flying, pilots + 1 get free admission to the entire museum.