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STF Söderhamn/Storjungfrun archipelago cottages

“Fyrhamnen” is the old pilot and lighthouse station on Storjungfrun, the largest island in the Söderhamn archipelago. The island offers a grandiose landscape with many excellent marked rambling trails.

The Storjungfrun island is approximately 3.5 km from north to south and 1.5 km wide. About 14 km of marked rambling trails are waiting to be explored. The island is relatively unexploited with a varied landscape, a rich flora, and several historical sites with major significance for open-air leisure and recreation.

The guest harbour at Fyrhamnen has four cabins for hire with sauna and services, including composting toilets and a waste collection point. Conference facilities for 15-20 participants are also available, with a self-catering kitchen and a dormitory building that houses 10. The guest harbour has places for 25 boats. The largest sandy beach on Storjungfrun, Toppatall, has barbecue sites, jettys and a composting toilet. The beach is a popular destination for boating trips, and for swimming.

Experience Storjungfrun
Storjungfrun is highly varied, with everything from barren rock slabs, shingle beaches and dry moraine blocks to chalky fertile land and several fens. The small islands around Storjungfrun play a key role as resting places for migrating birds and as nesting sites for several species.

The island is home to several sites of cultural heritage. Examples are a 17th century chapel and the remains of old harbours, the oldest of which dates from the 16th century. Sweden’s last charcoal-fired lighthouse is also on the island.