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STF Söderhamn/Enskär archipelago cottages

Enskär is a pearl in the central part of the archipelago with sandy beaches ideal for families. The island attracts not only day-trippers interested in swimming but also folk who stay for a holiday, enjoying archipelago life from a rented cabin.

Enskär is nearly always easy to reach by boat. The route is mainly through inner reaches of the archipelago, and is relatively well protected from sea waves.
Three cabins for rent are located on the western side of the island next to a small beach, together with a popular guest jetty. Barbecue sites, waste collection facilities and a composting toilet are placed close to the jetty and the cabins. The cabins have mains electricity supply, which means that the standard is somewhat higher than in other rental cabins, with such luxuries as electric lighting, a microwave and machine for filtered coffee. The service building houses a wood-fired sauna, composting toilet and a shower that uses heated seawater.

Experience Enskär
Enskär is characterised most strongly by fine, sandy beaches. Boat owners have come here since time immemorial to bathe and sunbathe. Enskär has around 30 summerhouses, 15 of them close to the old harbour on the west side of the island. The population here in previous ages was mainly fishermen, but the island now has only summer residents.
Convenient trails run around large parts of the island, and shallow sandy beaches face the open sea on the east. If you’re not afraid of getting your feet wet, it is possible to wade across to the islands Korsmäss and Enskärsoren, where Söderhamns Motorsällskap (SMS) has premises. The boat MS/Moa also brings day-trippers with guests from Söderhamn. Moa lies to for a few hours during the afternoon trips and serves simple refreshments, coffee, cakes and ice cream.

Change-over time for the rented cabins on Enskär:

Reaching Enskär by taxi boat
To be booked when booking accommodation
During weeks numbered 20-24 and 34-44, the boat runs on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
During weeks numbered 25-33, the boat runs on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
Departure from the Stenö jetty at approximately 11:00 am
The homeward journey leaves Enskär at approximately 1:00 pm.