Söderhamns stadsmysterium
Söderhamns stadsmysterium
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The Söderhamn City Mystery

The Mystery of the Cunning Herring Fisher' is an outdoor activity for the whole family and all generations. Unravel clues outdoors in the city environment and solve the mystery. Take the opportunity to enjoy a coffee break, a walk, fresh air, and gain new knowledge about the city along the way!

How does it work?
The Söderhamn City Mystery is located in the city center and takes you through streets, parks, and squares in search of clues that you fill in on the Mystery template. The clues are gathered over a distance of a few kilometers and take about an hour. Summarize the clues at the end and figure out the solution while enjoying a coffee break at one of the city's cafés or restaurants. Feel free to take a picture with your smartphone so you can boast on Facebook that you've solved the mystery.

You can solve the mystery at your own convenience; the activity is not tied to a specific day or time.
All you need is a pen, curiosity, and the Mystery template, which is sold at Best Western Hotel, First Hotel Statt, Aidas Café, TeWes, Rådis, Eat & Meet, and Beach Bar Bolivar.

The Söderhamn City Mystery can be solved in all seasons, as long as the clues are not covered by snow.

Who is the mystery suitable for?
The Söderhamn City Mystery is a safe outdoor activity to do with your own group, whether it's with family, friends, elderly relatives, or colleagues. We can promise that even the most devoted Söderhamn resident will get a chance to rediscover Söderhamn! It is suitable for younger children accompanied by adults, but we believe children over 10 years old will find it most enjoyable as the questions and wording can be a bit tricky. Young people without adult companionship can solve the mystery from the age of 14-15.

When and how can I purchase the mystery?
The Söderhamn City Mystery "The Mystery of the Cunning Herring Fisher" is available year-round.

To solve the Söderhamn City Mystery, you need the Mystery template, which costs 100 SEK. By the way, it makes a great gift, especially as something to experience together across multiple generations.

Purchase the Mystery template for the Söderhamn City Mystery here:
Best Western Hotel, First Hotel Statt, Aidas Café, TeWes, Rådis, Eat & Meet, and Beach Bar Bolivar.

Purchase digitally and have the mystery delivered by mail at stadsmysterium.se. You can easily place an order, pay via Swish, and receive delivery within 1-2 working days.