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Sawmill era

An interesting and scenic experience in the footsteps of the sawmill era. The sawmill ramp is a walk and cycle path that stretches along the southern side of Söderhamnsfjärden, from Söderhamn to Sandarne, or vice versa.

There is 13 km of nature and sawmill history on each meter that reminds of what activity it was during the 1860s - 1930s. After the route, there are 15 information boards, 22 bench tables, three viewing balconies and three beams that make the journey interesting.

The trail starts from Söderhamn, at the information board just east of Faxeholmen. Signs show the way until you reach the shore of Söderhamnsån, which you follow to the right. The trail continues along Söderhamnsån and Söderhamnsfjärden down to the quay in Stugsund. Maybe there are some hopeful herring fishermen waiting for it to catch on.

The trail continues further along Jungfrukustvägen for a while on the way to the final destination Sandarne. The trail is signposted all the way and a map can be downloaded from the tourist information.