Berget är i huvudsak bevuxet med senvuxen hällmarkstallskog, som i svackorna övergår i hänglavsrik barrblandskog.
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Nature reserve Svarttjärnsberget

The nature reserve extends from the top of Svarttjärnsberg and across its southern slope. The mountain is mainly covered with late-growing rocky ground pine forest, which in the valleys turns into mixed coniferous forest rich in hanging lichens.

The area is located about 5 km north of Trönö and covers 55 ha. Birch and aspen are scattered in the area and some deciduous trees are old and coarse. There is also lying and standing dead wood throughout the area in all stages of decomposition. The ground layer in the rocky areas consists mainly of moss- and lichen-covered rocks and boulders.

Traces of fires
Throughout the area there are clear traces of older fires in the form of fire stumps and fire sounds on living trees. In the eastern parts of the area there is a fire field from a wildfire from 2009. This has favoured, among other things, the red-listed ragwort, which was found on dead lying pine wood during a wood beetle inventory in the area in 2017.

Special rules apply in the nature reserve.
It is not permitted to:
Drive motorised vehicles
Take firewood
Fire on rocks. Other fires are only permitted if your own firewood has been brought, break twigs, fell or otherwise damage living or dead standing or fallen trees and bushes.
Damage, pick or collect plants, fungi and lichens.
Climbing in nesting trees, staying near birds of prey nests, dens or roosts, collecting animals or otherwise damaging or disturbing wildlife.
putting up a board, poster, placard, sign or inscription.
Damage fixed objects or surface formation, such as relocating or removing stones, digging, or similar.
Use the area for organised competitions without permission from the County Administrative Board.
Use the area for military exercises.

Regulation 1 above does not preclude driving a snowmobile in winter on frozen and well covered
and well covered with snow.

Regulation 5 above does not prevent picking such berries for personal use,
edible fungi and plants that are not red-listed.

Regulations 1, 6 and 7 above do not prevent holders of special rights in connection with
in connection with the hunting that is permitted in the nature reserve.

Regulation 7 does not constitute an obstacle to temporary signage in connection with
authorised organised competitions in accordance with regulation 9.

For complete regulations, see the reserve decisions.