Myrarna i Skvallerbäcken naturreservat blir brandgula på hösten.
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Nature reserve Skvallerbäcken

Skvallerbäckens nature reserve covers a flat, mosaic-like forest and marsh landscape, located near the coast north of Söderhamn. The nature in the reserve is very varied. There are old pine forests with different ages, late-growing spruce forests, mixed swamp forests, and deciduous forests with plenty of old birch and aspen.

The area is located 13 km north of Söderhamn and covers 320 ha. There are a number of small wetlands interspersed between the forest areas. It also includes two small forest lakes, Glatjärnen and Igeltjärnen.

Large parts of the area have escaped logging during the last century. This means that the forest has had time to develop trees of different ages, plenty of old trees and plenty of dead trees.

Valuable to many
Both the forest and the wetlands have high natural values. Many red-listed species from several different organism groups have been found in the area, such as woodland moss, rose thistle and ring lichen. A red-listed species is a Swedish species that is threatened and/or disadvantaged. The red list is produced by the Swedish Species Information Centre, which assesses the degree of extinction risk.

Animals in Svallerbäcken
The old trees are home to the three-toed woodpecker and the relict beetle.