Vit vedfingersvamp på multnande björkstam i Skidtjärnsberget naturrreservat.
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Nature reserve Skidtjärnsberget

Skidtjärnsberget nature reserve comprises a small forest area on large boulders. There is an older deciduous mixed coniferous forest of mainly spruce, pine, birch and aspen, but also rowan, grey alder and sallow. There are no paths in Skidtjärnsberget, so you can roam freely in the area.

The forest has not been used for a long time and there are therefore plenty of old trees and dead trees in various stages of decay. This means that many unusual and protected species thrive in the area, especially wood fungi.

Many exciting species
Several species with high natural values have been found in the Skidtjärnsberget nature reserve. Examples include the species sweet grass, woodland moss, aspen gel lichen, black prickly pear fungus, wrinkled skin and cream thistle.

A red-listed species is a Swedish species that is threatened and/or disadvantaged. The red list is produced by the Swedish Species Information Centre, which assesses the degree of risk of extinction. A signal species serves as a measuring instrument for natural environments with high natural values.