Naturreservat Norrbränningen
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Nature reserve Norrbränningen

Norrbränningens nature reserve is located between the lakes Norrbränningen and Sörbränningen and the E4 motorway forms a corridor right through the reserve. The forest consists mostly of pine forest. In the eastern part, an old path leads over the heights of Uvberget, but it is difficult to get there because of fallen trees.

Norrbränningens nature reserve is located 8 km southwest of Ljusne and covers 336 ha. There are no maintained paths in the area. On the eastern side it is difficult to get around on the path because of fallen trees.

The whole area is dominated by swollen, large blocky moraine. On the heights, the soil is thin with cold washed rocky areas and shingle fields.

Marshes and wetlands in Norrbränningen
In addition to the larger open bogs Goddagsmyran and the bog around Rudtjärn, there are also several smaller wetlands and swamp forests scattered in the area.

There are many species of wood-dwelling insects in Norrbränningen. During inventories in the area, more than 30 red-listed insect species have been found, such as relict dragonflies and pine bark beetles.