Naturreservat Långbro
To do Nature and Outdoors Nature reserve

Nature reserve Långbro

Långbro Nature Reserve is located in a hilly area, where in several places you can see the highest coastline in the form of bare, partly wooded rocks and shingle beach walls.

The area is located 1 mil southwest of Enånger and covers 154 ha. On the rocky ground and in the higher terrain, pine dominates and there are a few really old trees with an age of about 200 years.

Short-shafted spike thrives in Långbro.
It is a lichen that specialises in living on lying trees. A 90-year-old mixed deciduous forest with lots of aspen grows around the rocky ground. With the large aspen stands comes a myriad of life and there are several lichen and moss species that can only be found on aspen, some of them very rare, such as the grey aspen gel lichen.