Bo och paddla i Söderhamns skärgård
Bo och paddla i Söderhamns skärgård
To do Nature and Outdoors Archipelago

Live and paddle in the Söderhamn archipelago.

Discover the Söderhamn archipelago from your kayak and stay in an idyllic archipelago environment at the hostel on Rönnskär Island. Enjoy cliff bathing and sandy beaches, fishing villages, and sunrise over the sea.

Paddle kayak and explore the idyllic archipelago of Söderhamn. Stay at the hostel on Rönnskär, where the idyllic environment is a heritage from pilots, customs officers, and fishermen who were the island's original inhabitants. Today, the island is a summer paradise offering swimming, fishing, and an interesting cultural experience. By the seaside, you will find a wood-fired sauna with a relaxation area and panoramic windows. In the evening, you can sit by the fireplace and enjoy the view from the lookout in the hostel, with windows in all directions. Kayak with a spray skirt, life jacket, and a printed paddling guide are included. Please provide your weight and height in the message box to receive properly fitted equipment. The kayak should be cleaned before returning. If you don't have your own boat, you can book a taxi boat.
Open from May 13th to November 6th.
Price from: 1360 SEK.
The price includes:
Accommodation for 2 nights in a twin room at the hostel.
2 kayaks with spray skirts, life jackets, and paddling maps.
Sauna and relaxation area.