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Världsarv, Hälsingegård, Erik-Anders
Världsarv Hälsingegården Erik-Anders
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Hälsingegården Erik-Anders - Världsarv
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Erik-Anders - Visitor Centre and World Heritage Farmhouse

The Erik-Anders World Heritage farmhouse, in the village of Asta in Söderala parish, has a manor-like structure with interiors inspired by the upper classes. Inside the house, the rooms stand in two rows, and there is a luxurious banquet hall on the upper floor with a similarly impressive width. The Knutes family, who were often frequently in demand, left their mark on the restrained decorations of the manor house.

Erik-Anders got its name from Erik Andersson, who had the farmhouse built in the 1820s. In the mid-1800s, one of his sons followed the religious leader Erik Jansson –along with his other followers, the renowned Janssonists – to Bishop Hill in the United States.

Today, the farmhouse is privately owned and is open to visitors during the summer. There is a hotel, a café, a shop and a furniture exhibition here, as well as a garden that has been restored to its appearance in the 1920s.