Vid Ålsjön kan du sätta dig och fika alldeles vid strandkanten och sedan följa spången bort längs sjön
To do Nature and Outdoors Hiking

Ålsjön natural preserve

Here you will find an oasis outside Söderhamn! In Ålsjön nature reserve there is something for everyone, both for those interested in birds, plants or insects, or for you who just want to get out into nature for a while.

The Ålsjön natural preserve offers something for everyone; whether your interest be birds, plants, insects, or just being in nature, you can find it here. You can enjoy fields of lillies and see birds play both in the air, in water and on land.

Getting around the Ålsjön area is easy, as there is a wooden walkway which meanders through large parts of the area. This will make your visit more convenient if you are in a wheelchair, have brought a baby carriage, or otherwise have difficulty moving about in nature. The area contains a bird-watching tower which has been fitted to accomodate the physically challanged.

So bring your picknick basket and spend a day or a few hours at Ålsjön! We promise that you will feel like returning!