Stormorshäll cykel och vandringsleder
Stormorshäll cykel och vandringsleder
To do Sports & Motor Cykling

Stormorshäll bike and hiking trails

Wonderful hiking and biking in Hälsingeskog. Trails that vary in length, hilly and difficulty level to suit as many people as possible.

There are 5 signposted trails that all start from Stormorshällstugan. The signs are square with different color coding and the direction of travel is marked with an arrow in reflective material which makes it visible even in the dark with a bicycle and headlamp.

A short sprint track adjacent to Stormorshällsstugan. Great for interval training or the little ones.

Vadslingan is our easiest route and takes you through the scenic Lugnesjön nature reserve. The mountain bike is not needed for this trail.

Our red loop mainly goes via an old ski track and contains a couple of technical sections.

A slightly tougher trail with a couple of solid slopes and some technical parts. Suitable for both the exerciser who wants to challenge and the more experienced.

Here you get a little of everything. A hilly trail that passes Lugnesjön, the pebble ridge, the barbecue hut and Stormorshällen itself. Perfect for trail running and hiking. Very technical cycling. It is this joint that is used in the exercise race of the same name.

Since the autumn of 2019, 2 reflex paths have also been marked. The tracks divide after 2 km where the long one then connects to the shorter one again. The tracks are marked with round, yellow reflectors about 5 cm wide.

Well-being rules
Show consideration for each other.
Cyclists have a duty to give way and must adjust their speed at meetings with other exercisers.
Dog owners should always have the leash connected.
Do not leave garbage in the wild. If you have taken it out into the woods, you can also take it home again.
Some of the trails pass electric light trails that should not be walked on in winter when the ski trails are prepared.
Pay attention to the surface and the weather. Roots and stones can become very slippery.