Fyrhamnen på ön Storjungfrun i Söderhamns skärgård
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Storjungfrun Nature Reserve

Storjungfrun Nature Reserve is the largest island in the Söderhamn archipelago. Here, a magnificent nature awaits with many beautiful marked trails for hiking.

Experience Storjungfrun
At Storjungfrun's largest sandy beach, Toppatall, you'll find barbecue areas, docks, and an environmental toilet. The location is frequently visited by boaters as a destination for excursions and swimming.

The island of Storjungfrun is approximately 3.5 km long in a north-south direction and 1.5 km wide. There are around 14 km of marked trails on the island waiting to be explored. The island is relatively undeveloped, with a diverse landscape rich in flora and several historical values that are of great importance for outdoor activities and recreation. Storjungfrun offers a wide variety of terrain, from bare cliffs, cobblestone fields, and dry boulder-rich moraine landscapes to fertile soils influenced by limestone and several wetland areas. The small islands surrounding Storjungfrun are of significant importance as resting places for migratory birds and breeding grounds for several bird species.

The island also holds several cultural-historical values. Among them is a chapel that was built in the 17th century, remnants and traces of old harbors, the oldest established in the 16th century, and Sweden's last coal-fired lighthouse.

Storjungfrun Nature Reserve is owned and managed by Söderhamn Municipality.