Längdskidåkning Hällåsen/Hällmyra
Längdskidåkning Hällåsen/Hällmyra
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Skiing Hällåsen/Hällmyra

At Hällåsen and Hällmyra, you go skiing through beautiful landscapes or challenging exercise tracks. On a snowy winter, there are well-groomed ski trails in varying degrees of difficulty. Current track status is updated on skidspår.se.

The longest track, 9.6 km, is relatively demanding and is called Södergrenslingan.
Of course, there are easier alternatives in the Hällmyra area with loops that suit everyone, old and young.

Electric light tracks:
1.7 km
2.5 km
5.0 km,
8.5 km
9.6 km

The lighting in the tracks
In the morning at 06: 00-09: 00 and in the afternoon at 15: 00-22: 00. Every day of the week.

At Hällmyra, Söderhamn's ski friends offer access to a walla booth, lending of ski equipment via Sportoteket and shower areas between 7 and 21. For showers at other times, there is a code lock for club members.

Nearby, on Hällåsen is the family pool Aquarena where gym, shower, swimming pool, sauna and relaxation are available.

Near the tracks is Sweden's largest landscape sculpture, Alir's eye. Here you can enjoy the view with a picnic or why not run a rewarding and fun workout.

At Hällmyra there is also a ski playground with a technical slope where everyone can practice their skills in downhill skiing or have fun with sledges. There are also grills and benches.