Ställplats Flygstaden
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Parking space

6 parking places with electricity. Access to shower and toilet at the hostel.

The airport with its unique environment is beautifully located in scenic surroundings 4 km outside central Söderhamn. The area, which until 1997 was Hälsinge Flygflottilj (F15), is today a business park where it is teeming with both greenery and activity.
We have accommodation options to suit all tastes; everything from simple hostel accommodation in accommodation to tastefully decorated hotel rooms with the spruce forest around the corner.
No matter how you choose to stay, you are always close to one of the many activities that Flygstaden can offer!
In the middle of the rural tranquility, in small red houses that were previously officer residences, are our personally and pleasantly decorated hotel rooms. There are 4 single rooms and 4 double rooms. All rooms are newly renovated and tastefully decorated with light wood furniture. The rooms have TV, desk, shower and WC.
There is lunch service on weekdays and dinners to order.
For booking hostels when you are less than 15 people, you should contact Funemässen for further information.
0270-738 38