Me and McGee's
Me and McGee's
To do Eat Grill & Pizzeria

Me and McGee's

A cozy restaurant with a living room ambiance, inspired by the 70s. We regularly feature live music from various local and regional musicians. We are also interested in working with Plantation Rum and Microbreweries.

Relaxed and atmospheric are keywords that describe our establishment.

A lunch and dinner restaurant that makes its own sauces and prepares food from scratch. The venue draws inspiration from the 70s in both its design and music. The idea is to create a living room atmosphere for the public where everyone can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves.

We have live music, QuizNight & Lir, every Friday at 9:00 PM, which is a concept that suits us very well. Some Thursdays and Saturdays, we also have live music of various genres. You can find more information on our website and Facebook page.

The menu is also available on our website. The food and the different flavors are carefully balanced and prepared with great care.