Lennart Plahn Sagoskog
Lennart Plahn Sagoskog
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Lennart Plahn fairytail forest

In the forests of Hälsingland northwest of the northern burning, you are met by a fairytale world made by the artist Lennart Plahn.

On site you will find unique works of art in glass and interesting figures carved in wood. All done by Lennart Plahn, who was a man from Ljusne who found the place at the age of 15.

Go towards Gävle on the E4, keep an eye out for a large blue road sign that says Tönnebro 11km. There is also a small sign just before and after where there is a turning point, then you should take off directly to the right of the turning point.
From Ljusne it is 8km to the exit road. Then through the gate that you have to open and close.

Go 300 m and turn right at the four-way intersection that comes. The four-way intersection - turn right.
Take the 800 m along the E4 to a three-way intersection. The three-way junction - turn left off the E4.

Continue 2 km along the road past a lake on the left. After the lake, there is an exit road on the left side excellent with a cairn on the right side.
Take the exit road to the left and continue 500 m along a small forest road until you see another cairn on top of a large rock on the right.
Behind the stone is the path to the LP cabin (a little difficult to find the first 10 m as it is overgrown), the path is 300 m long.