Interiör Friggeboden
Bölegårdens Ugglebo
Bölegårdens Ugglebo
Bölegårdens Ugglebo

Cottage Bölegården

Welcome to stay in our swedish historical little house “bryggstuga” from as early as 1920. It has been carefully renovated to keep its character from the early years. The house is facing the lake Bergviken where you can take a dip in the lake only 200 meters away. If you like fishing, the lake Bergviken has a rich fish fauna with popular species like Northern pike and pikeperch.

The cottage (40m2) is located on the farm, 20 meters from the main house. It features one bedroom with a bunkbed that can accommodate three people, as well as another smaller room with a single bed where instead of a door is a curtain for privacy. Shower & W/C, kitchenette with fridge, stove and microwave. A favorite for many is the generous deck looking out in the sunset over the lake Bergviken.

The history of the Bryggstuga: The summer months, in northern Sweden, are sacred due to the long days and warmer weather. So instead of having to spend the summer months cleaning the main house, the family moved to their simple and small summer house on the farm. They stayed here until fall arrived with its cold weather and shorter days. Ask us about the history of how Swedish people lived here in our small village in the old days. We can also offer historical tours around the area on request.