Albertina - Fiskrestaurang
Skärså gästhamn
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Albertina - Seafood restaurant

In the village of Skärså, about 10 km outside of Söderhamn, you will find Albertina; one of the most famous restaurants in Hälsingland province. Since 1980 we have served many satisfied customers, and we intend to continue doing so. Albertina is right by the sea and we offer both indoor and outdoor seating. Welcome!

At Albertina you can enjoy several fish courses made from the specialties of the Baltic Sea. Of course you can also have meatballs or other non-seafood dishes, if you so prefer. Please book a table to ensure you get a place!

We have 110 seats, 100 of which are outdoors. Alcohol is available.

Near Albertina is a marina, a handicrafts shop, a glass factory and a small "taster". Welcome!