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Oscarsborg - Observation tower

The characteristic lookout tower located on the beautiful Östra Berget in the middle of central Söderhamn.

The Oscarsborg lookout tower on Östra Berget was inaugurated in 1895. It was added on the initiative of Söderhamns Sångförening's leader, city engineer Gustaf Hultqvist, who also designed the building. In order to raise money for the construction, folk festivals were organized in 1893 and 1894, which gave such good results that it was decided to build in brick and plaster instead of wood.

In the summer, Östra Berget is a beautiful meeting place with a nice view of the city. You can take the stairs up to Östra Berget, from Södra Hamngatan at the bus stop. It is also possible to reach the lookout point via Baggargatan.

The tower is open during the summer Mon-Fri from 9.00-15.00 starting on 21 June til september 1.