Standup med Måns Möller i Söderhamn!
Date: 6 October

Standup with Måns Möller in Söderhamn!

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Humor genius Måns Möller hits the road


Måns Möller takes his place on the standup scene again. During a number of evenings around our elongated country, he offers a magnificent laugh fest. Stable routines are interspersed with newly written material. And as the icing on the cake, Mån's parade branch: spontaneous whims and improvisation.
In addition to making a success as one of the country's foremost stand-up comedians, Måns often appears on TV, in Parliament among many other things.
We start the show with a funny pre-comedian. A warm welcome to a whole evening in the spirit of humor!

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Date Time Arena/Location
Friday 6 October 19:00 - 20:30 Söderhamns Teater