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på Söderhamn
Söderhamnspasset is the perfect activity for those who are curious and want to get out in our beautiful forests around the municipality. Get a free Söderhamn pass and go out into nature this summer!

During the summer, there will be 10 areas to look for ingenious controls in. The 10 areas will be released on different occasions The first 2 tracks that will be released are in Trönö and Norra Söderhamn.
Then 6 courses follow during the summer in new exciting places and the late summer ends with 2 more courses.

Area 1: N. Söderhamn, 9 May-30 June
Area 2: Trönö, 9 May-30 June
Area 3: Stenö, 15 June-30 Aug.
Area 4: Skatön, 15 June-30 Aug.
Area 5: Källvik, 15 June-30 Aug.
Area 6: Enskär, 15 June-30 Aug.
Area 7: Bocksjön, 15 June-30 Aug.
Area 8: Mohed, 15 June-30 Aug.
Area 9: Bergvik, 15 Aug-30 Sept.
Area 10: Hällåsen, 15 Aug-30 Sept.

Delivery point for Söderhamnspasset:
- Söderhamns OK clubhouse, Hällåsen
- Visit Söderhamn's InfoPoint in the center, the intersection Köpmangatan / Skolhusgatan.
- The library, Söderhamn
- Team Sportia, E-center
- ICA Trönö
- Stenö Camping
- Moheds Camping

The organizer of the Söderhamn Pass is Söderhamns OK together with Söderhamn Municipality, the Savings Banks Foundation and a number of local sponsors.