'Musikrörelsen - Den Svenska Proggen' i Mo Bygdegård
Date: 5 October

'Musikrörelsen - Den Svenska Proggen' i Mo Bygdegård ('The Music Movement - The Swedish Prog' in Mo Bygdegård)

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A Storytelling-Live Documentary-Concert about the Swedish 70's. A multimedia performance about 'MusikRörelsen' - Den Svenska Proggen.


Out of a political frustration and a desire to make the world a better place, and from a musical experimental spirit and a desire to create their own music culture, a movement that is unique grows in Sweden during the 70s - starting with Gärdesfesterna in 1970.
We make a journey that starts with Hansson & Karlsson and culminates ten years later with the Tent Project. In between we meet Pugh, Contact, Trees Grass and Stones, Bo Hansson, John Holm, Monica Törnell, Blå Tåget, Hoola Bandoola Band, Nationalteatern, Nynningen, Marie Selander, Kebnekajse, Samla Mammas Manna, Ola Magnell, Turid and many more.
We follow how new alternative independent record labels like Silence and MNW challenge established commercial labels like Sonet and Metronome. We also get to follow how a growing political dogmatism contributes to the music movement eventually cracking. And that's the way it is... Everything goes in cycles... All eras come to an end... Something else takes over...

The performance consists of three building blocks that constantly succeed each other in a varied flow: Storytelling, visual projections (live clips, film clips, images) and songs performed with vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar and harmonica.

Presented by Stig Jäderberg.

Pre-sale (Billetto): SEK 180 (incl. service fee)

On the door: 200 SEK (Swish or cash)

Sale of refreshments. (Fika)

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Date Time Arena/Location
Thursday 5 October 19:00 - 21:00 Mo Bygdegård