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Växhuset (The Growth House)

Address: Mobodarne 857, 826 93 Söderhamn Date: Tuesday 1 may 2018 - Wednesday 15 Aug 2018 Show map

Address: Mobodarne 857, 826 93 Söderhamn

Experience climate-friendly ideas

By lake Edesjön, 19 km west of central Söderhamn, there is a cluster of strange buildings; A solar house ("the solar ship") built from clay, straw and used car tires; A duodecagonal hostel where each "pie slice" is a guest room and the central fire provides heat and stillness for all; A beautiful conference hall with a greenhouse restaurant, a solar energy exhibition and a shop with products for a sustainable future; a henhouse with a "hen tractor" which produces eggs and ecological vegetables; a solar oven for outdoor coffee preparation - The Mobodarne ecological center offers experiences out of the ordinary. Here the ideas flow for a sustainable world for our children and grandchildren.

If you feel up to it you can volunteer at The Sun Ship and help build from clay and straw, or just participate in a short course on solar heat and recycling.

Along the beautiful lake you can follow our "energy path" and learn more about solar energy and other sustainable solutions. Other paths lead up Mount Djupdal, where you can take you kids to the exciting "Troll's Cave". The wonderful nature of Hälsingland province can be explored with map in hand along paths and bicycle routs. Canoes, boats and bicycles are available for rent.

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